Here are some samples of my recent sync placements.  There is a link to watch the sync with start times as well as the full song or instrumental. 



2 of my solo piano instrumental cues were used in the live stream production "One World: Together at Home".  One supporting Alicia Keys speaking you can watch starting at 6:56:26 HERE and the other Priyana Jonas you can watch starting at 7:30:22 HERE

You can listen to the full cues here


Imagine The Possibilities CLICK HERE

I just got a vocal song placement on a TV series in Denmark on one of their biggest Networks on the TV series "Being 29"! My song "Begin With You" was used for 1:30 in a beautiful engagement scene. Thank you to Annalise Curtin for her beautiful backgound vocal contribution.

Here is the placement CLICK HERE

and the full song CLICK HERE



One of my guitar/piano pieces placed on ABC Nightline.  Here is the 10 second placement starting at :33. CLICK HERE

and here is the full piano and guitar instrumental cue CLICK HERE

One of my solo piano pieces placed on CBS Sports.  It is a placement supporting the first black woman to become a brigade commander in the US NAVY. I am honored to have my music under such an important an significant moment in history.  Here is the 2:19 second placement.  The instrumental is called "All That Remains".  Here is the sync placement CLICK HERE

Here is the full instrumental CLICK HERE





"From This Burn" (instrumental) a collaboration with Amanda West was placed on the golf channel on NBC click here to watch and listen starting at 40:47.  Hear the full song