You can hear my music in the following film/tv networks, documentaries and films.

Feature film placement "Sister Elisabeth: The Strength of Faith" for a cue called "Bated Breath" a collab with Andy Gabrys.  Watch and listen here  placement at 1:03:12 Hear the full cue here

"From This Burn" (instrumental) a collaboration with Amanda West was placed on the golf channel on NBC click here to watch and listen starting at 40:47.  Hear the full song

"Bated Breath" an instrumental collaboration with Andy Gabrys was placed on the HBO television series VICE.  Special edition episode "Countdown to Zero" 35 second duration.  Watch and listen here at 27:26 and Hear the full instrumental

New placements all collabs with Andy Gabrys on MTV Catfish.  Here is a sample on season 6, episode 2 Alante and Nevaeh.  35 seconds starting at  24:51 click here to watch and listen.  Click here for our full cue called "Watching it Happen".  Also New placements on MTV Catfish on episodes "Yasmine and Lewis", "Leuh and Justin", "Mecca and Tanner", "Samantha", "Jesse and Brian", "Jasmine and Mike", "Whitney and Brie",