You can hear my music in the following film/tv networks, documentaries and films.

"From This Burn" (instrumental) a collaboration with Amanda West was placed on the golf channel on NBC click here to watch and listen starting at 40:47.  Hear the full song

"Bated Breath" an instrumental collaboration with Andy Gabrys was placed on the HBO television series VICE.  Special edition episode "Countdown to Zero" 35 second duration.  Watch and listen here at 27:26 and Hear the full instrumental

New placements all collabs with Andy Gabrys on MTV Catfish.  Here is a sample on season 6, episode 2 Alante and Nevaeh.  35 seconds starting at  24:51 click here to watch and listen.  Click here for our full cue called "Watching it Happen".  Also New placements on MTV Catfish on episodes "Yasmine and Lewis", "Leuh and Justin", "Mecca and Tanner", "Samantha", "Jesse and Brian", "Jasmine and Mike", "Whitney and Brie", 

International placement in Peru for the song "Into the Bright" written by Robbie Hancock and Andy Gabrys.  This is a full song length placement for web promotional use and a "Making of" for a commercial for the company "Claro".

One of my instrumental collaborations with Shayne Green called "Possum Season" was placed on Canada’s Worst Driver Season 11 - Episode 8 - The Checkered Flag.  17 second duration starts at 23:56  watch the episode --- hear the full instrumental

New placement on the BTN network for a piano cue called "All that remains" placed into a show called "BTN Original - The reason I play" starting at 16:43 watch here listen to the full cue here

Also another placement here at 1:26

New placement on Discovery in Canada on a show called Last Stop Garage.  Cue is a collab with Shayne Green and you can watch and listen starting at 11:31 here and the full cue you can listen to here


New placement on Zoomer tv in Canada called Bated Breath a collab with Andy Gabrys on two episodes here @ 22:24 and here @24:22 Here is the full cue

New placement on a Canadian cooking show with Meghan Duffy!  This is a collab with Terry Blackwell you can watch and listen here here.   Listen to the full cue here

Also another placement here same cue on another episode

New placement in Germany for one of my instrumentals cues called Breathe Easy.  You can watch and listen here starting at 29:43 On the SWR FS Chennel.


New placements with collaborator Andy Gabrys on Discovery Network on Discovery ID episodes Season 2 episode 4 - A promise kept listen to the full cue "Watching it Happen" here

New placement with collaborator Shayne Green on HGTV Hometown on the episode "A town to call home".  Watch episode here starting at 6:05.  11 second placement.  Listen to full cue here

"Light of Day" a collaboration with Terry Blackwell was placed on the tv show Counterfeit Cat on the episode Humanoid on Teletoon/Ytv.  You can hear the full instrumental here and watch the episode here   a 15 second placement starting at :01.


"Railway Reckoning" a collab with Shayne Green was placed on the show "Income Property" on HGTV.  Season 1 episode 2"Shannon and Noah" 11 second duration beginning at 8:20.  Watch and listen here   Listen to the full instrumental here ALSO Season 1 episode 10 "Nuala and Dave"" 9 second duration beginning at 10:16.  Watch and listen here  ALSO Season 1 episode 12 "Lynn and Heather".  (video not available)

New Placement: "Broken Promises" a collab with Andy Gabrys, was placed on the MTV series Catfish.  This a 26 second placement starting at 8:58 click here for instrumental.

New Placement:  "Broken Promises" was recently aired on Bravo on the show Married to Medicine.  This is a collaboration with Andy Gabrys.  This is a 35 second placement.  full instrumental here

"Broken Promises" was placed on MTV's "Are You The One" episode 9 - "Breaking point/Never Give Up On Love".  22 second duration starting at 27:35 watch and listen here

End credit film placement for the song "So Alone" in the film "Forget" directed by Jesse James Burton.  Starting at 7:00 minutes.

My music has also been placed internationally in Germany, Japan, Russia, Great Britain and New Zealand so far. 

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