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Brand New Album EP
"Better Than It Ever Was"
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Robbie Hancock - "Better Than It Ever Was" New album EP 2015 

After a few years of writing, studying craft and a few trips to Nashville, I am now recording my 2nd album to be released in the fall of 2014.  After the success of a fundraising campaign I have been hard at work recording in my new home studio doing the tracking for the songs to be mixed and mastered by an incredibly talented engineer/producer to be announced with the album release.  The new album will be entitled "Better Than It Ever Was" which will also be the first single released on the EP this fall.  This will be an emotional album, digging deeper than my debut album "It's Never Too Late" and with more clarity and heart.  i look forward to what the coming months will bring.


Crowdfunding success! 

Just finished a crowdfunding campaign for my album and raised $1020!  Thank you so much to all my fans and supporters for helping me get closer to released my follow up record.  This one will be more stripped down and acoustic based in the indy folk and singer/songwriter genres.  Please check out my songs on the music page and sign my mailing list for all up and coming performances :)
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